Monthly Muses – April

Can we just take a moment.

I cannot believe it is time for another Monthly Muses.

Being in lock down has this strange ability to merge days into one long period of being indoors. But it has it’s upsides, such as meditating on things we are enjoying and doing more of these things. Something that I think we should continue, once normality resumes.

As per the drill, I will share what I have been enjoying over the past month, from fitness, food, podcasts, books or otherwise. Enjoy!

Where the Crawdad’s sing – I picked up this book on a whim. I saw many were recommending it online and also saw that it was an international bestseller so thought that I would give it a go. You have to read this book if you love romance, mystery and good quality writing. It is a beautiful coming of age story, told alongside a crime that happens in the village it is set. The way it is told is as equally beautiful as the plot, with descriptions of nature that transport you to the world of Kya – the book’s protagonist. A highlight read for me!

Heather Robertson Fitness – Heather’s YouTube channel is a recent discovery for me and I am such a fan! She does videos mostly around 20 minutes long, with lots of full-body exercises and no-equipment workouts. You get seriously sweaty in twenty minutes, so I feel like I’m getting a proper workout in. I also love that in a lot of the workouts, there are no repeated exercises, so you do a really hard exercise and know that you have got it done and dusted. Super motivating!

Running – Thanks to being nominated to run 5k and donate £5, I was pushed to kick my usual, comfortable 3 kilometres up a notch. It was hard, it was sweaty, but it has ignited an enjoyment for running that I was not expecting. I love the feeling of accomplishment after completing a run with less walking breaks than last time, listening to new music or a podcast and simply getting outside into fresh air has been something I have been enjoying this month. I recommend Nike Training club to track your runs and receive updates during your run of how far you’ve gone (and how long is left!).

Normal People – Where do I begin with this series. I think this is the series that has captured all of our hearts in this strange time we are living in. The emotions portrayed in this show are almost tangible, with the ups and downs of young relationships being the central thread to the story. You feel for the characters immensely, relating in some parts and leave each episode with a desperation to continue watching – in the hopes that things will go how you desperately want them to for the characters. Everything contributes perfectly to the telling of the couple’s story, from the music, to the acting, to the script, to the beautiful Irish landscapes and of course the experiences lived by Connell and Marianne. This is a must see, but be prepared for an emotional ride.


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