2021 Goals to look after YOU in the New Year

Happy 2021!

This post is a small compilation of goals that I will be taking into the New Year that are centered around looking after me, so that I can enjoy life to the fullest and be the healthiest version as possible. As always, I like to stress that not every day is going to pan out in a way that means you smash every single goal on the to-do list and that is OK. Every little goal is a win. These are just starting points. So, grab a pen, write down the ones that resonate with you and go for it!

Breathe – Meditation and deep breaths benefit both your mind and body and it is definitely something that I want to practice more. Setting a reminder on your phone to take one deep breath every hour can help reset your brain if you are stressed working. Also, I have signed up for Yoga with Adrienne’s Breathe challenge that is running every day of January and I genuinely look forward to every session.

Exercise daily – Try to exercise or move your body everyday and most importantly, exercise in a way that you love and that makes you feel good. For me, at the moment, it is a mixture of Yoga and Pilates as I find these forms of exercise most calming and centering in times of uncertainty. If I feel like it I will incorporate a HIIT or weight training session into my week to get the blood pumping. But, move in a way that feels good!

Read daily – I have a long list of books I would like to get through and with the corona-virus situation showing no signs of slowing down, more extra time to read is very much welcomed. On my list is Untamed by Glennon Doyle, Becoming by Michelle Obama and I am currently reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks, which is providing much needed escapism.

Limit social media – I took a social media break for about three days over Christmas. I know, not that impressive, but it was amazing. I felt less anxious, I wasn’t thinking about what I should/shouldn’t be doing and I was more in the moment. I would highly recommend doing this and avoiding the news if you can to prevent overwhelm. No one is designed to receive news of impending doom several times a day.

Maintain social connections – One of the more positive things that has come from lock down is the increase in FaceTimes and valued conversations I have had with loved ones. You appreciate social connection so much more and benefit immensely from it. I intend to keep this up throughout 2021 by trying to call a loved one every day for a chat.

I think that if we take anything into the New Year, it should be the goal to look after ourselves, not only for the sake of our physical and mental health but if this year has taught us anything it is that we should try and enjoy our lives as much as possible, balancing work with living our life to the fullest no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.

What are your goals for 2021?


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