5 simple tips for living a positive life

We have just surpassed ‘blue january’, but was it really that ‘blue’? It seems strange to me that we would WANT to label a simple day of the week in a fresh new year as supposedly the hardest and glummest day of the year. Where’s the positivity?! My Monday was alright, thank you very much! Which brings me nicely onto my first tip, mindset.


Mindset and attitude is everything. From the thoughts that emerge from the moment we open our eyes each morning, to the things that you say to yourself when you look in the mirror. Bringing positive words to mind is key to living a positive life. Negative thought patterns are cumulative and if you are feeding your mind with negative thoughts, you need to give yourself a break! If you have had a particularly tiresome day, the last thing that you need is self-criticism at the gym when you are doing great by giving your body and mind some positive endorphins! So instead of waking up on a blue Monday expecting the worst, wake up with a fresh attitude and expect the best.

2. Routine

This is a great way of minimising anxiety at both morning and night time. We can fall into a circle of worrisome anticipation. Worrying in the morning about the upcoming tasks and worrying in the evening about the events of the day and the unknown events of tomorrow. This worrisome cycle can be halted by a mindful routine that you can slip into each morning, sort of like a ritual that you know you enjoy. It allows you to take back the control of the day by choosing to do yoga, read a book, make a cup of tea and enjoy every sip. Slowing down before and after the day is key to living a balanced life.

3. SleepĀ 

Throughout reading ‘Why we sleep’ by the genius Professor Matthew Walker, my eyes have been opened to the importance of sleep and the vital function it has in our lives. I am lucky to not really struggle with sleeping! However, I am aware of the common occurrence of Insomnia and poor sleep quality. My tips for improving your sleep is to read a book before bed (a book about sleep helps!!), engage in your evening routine, previously mentioned, and limit screen time. Sleep is the ultimate detox/repair tool there is and it is a miracle machine that works in our favour every night. So prioritise it to really see a difference to your energy, mindset, productivity and happiness.

4. Organisation

Life can be overwhelming and instead of wading through the endless papers, emails, jobs that surround us with no direction, I urge to incorporate organisation strategies into your life. Daily to-do lists can be helpful to keep you on task, as well as a diary where you can enter your key jobs/events which will enable you to clearly see where and when you have space for other activities. Scheduling time for leisure time is essential too. Life should not be one large to-do list and scheduling time for abandonment of schedules is key for happiness.

5. Activity

Get moving! Exercise has so many endless, magical benefits. Find an exercise you love; swimming, weight training, body-weight exercises, running, HIIT and do that twice or as many times as you feel you want to a week. Then my tip to keeping an exercise routine maintainable is to add in something that may be out of your comfort zone once a week, for example yoga, boxing or cardio. It doesn’t have to be hard and physical results don’t happen over night. However, the psychological benefits of exercise do and it will become something that you want to do! Exercise also helps with most of the tips above, it improves sleep, productivity and organisation, mindset and it can be part of your routine. So sweat out the blues and enjoy.

Any questions/comments on this post like how to get started on any tips; please message me on Instagram or my email and I would be happy to help!



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