5 Things that changed my skin

My skin and I have had a rocky relationship. From being about sixteen, I regularly suffered with the odd blemish here and there, like any normal teenager. However, after starting uni at 18 my skin took a turn for the worst and was the worst that it has ever been. I would never have thought that my skin would be at a point where I could confidently post a makeup-less selfie and it has definitely been a journey over a few years to establish the best ways of keeping my skin clear. I am so happy that my skin is the BEST it has ever been and I wanted to share what I do to prevent blemishes and what I did to heal my skin.


This is super important if you want to heal your skin. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s condition is often a great indication of what is going on inside. If your insides arn’t happy, chances are your skin will tell you about it. This was the case for me. For years my skin was the symbol of poor gut health as a result of an unhealthy diet and healing my gut was the key to healing my skin.┬áTo keep my gut and subsequently my skin happy, I take a daily probiotic, eat prebiotic foods like green bananas, asparagus, steamed then cooled sweet potato, onion & garlic.

Trust me, I have fallen for cheap products in boots and online that claim to give miraculous and immediate results for years. However, to really treat your skin you have to start looking at whats going on inside – is it gut related? Is it stress related? Is it hormonal? By starting here, you can start to heal from within.


Switching all of my skincare and make up products to ones that only contained natural ingredients was a critical step to improving my skin. As before, our skin is the biggest organ of the body and feeding it with chemicals and harsh ingredients may result in inflammation and irritation. When I needed more coverage, Clinique Even Better Foundation was amazing and contained ingredients that treated the blemishes. Now that I need less, I use Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue BB Cream for my base and I am obsessed with it’s natural yet glowy finish. As for skincare, other than having a good skincare regime morning and evening, I try to look for brands that do not contain Parabens or Fragrances as these are harsh on the skin. Some great natural brands that I have had success with are REN, Lush, Environ & Clinique.


Eating more greens is one of my secrets to getting great skin. Whenever I add an extra portion of baby spinach to my lunch, or consistently add a greens powder to my smoothie, I notice that my skin is considerably clearer and I get way fewer blemishes. Green fruit such as Green apples, Pears, Green bananas are amazing for your gut because they are prebiotic foods that helps digestion and contain loads of fibre. Also, veg such as Spinach and Broccoli and any form of leafy greens are amazing for my skin and I 100% notice a difference when I eat more of them. I also notice a massive difference when I eat more Coriander, specifically, because it contains tonnes of antioxidants and minerals.


I know this tip is pretty much in every post but it is one of the best! I notice that my skin is much brighter when I drink more water and hydrating yourself is just the best support for your body from the inside.


When I am stressed, my skin knows about it. For me, lowering stress levels is one of my weaknesses and one that I am working hard on to get better at. I have thankfully found methods of reducing stress that work for me, especially yoga and exercising. I find that sweating really boosts endorphins and I like to think that sweating is a great detox for the skin. Again, stress can affect digestion and gut health and this can have a knock-on effect for our skin. However, finding activities that you love and that you can do regularly to make you less stressed will help you and your skin out so much.

So! Those are a few tips and secrets that I have found make the most noticeable difference to my skin. One thing to remember is, as much as I wish it did, improving your skin doesn’t happen overnight. You have to stick to these tips and have a healthy lifestyle consistently and you will see results. Everyone is different and finding what works for you is often a journey of trial and error and that’s ok! My skin improvements can’t be pinpointed to one specific thing. I found that a combination approach made a real difference, so making multiple changes at the same time will be sure to bring you the results that you want.

I would love to know if you try and get any success with these secrets! And would love to find out what you do for your skin and what skincare you use, I’m always on the hunt for great new products and skin secrets…!



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