5 ways to live in the moment

5 ways to live in the moment



This moment is all there is.” – Rumi

Thinking about the past; what went wrong, what you would do differently, what you would do to go back and do it again…

Thinking about the future; what could go wrong, what is going to happen, what you may do in certain situations…

Sound familiar?

Premeditating the future and reflecting on the past is both a blessing and a curse. Whilst it can be used to improve yourself, dwelling in these head spaces can be overwhelming and take away from the NOW. I admit, I need to take my own advice and live more in the moment and this is how I’m working on it!


MEDITATION – The epitome of living in the moment. And no, sitting cross-legged in yoga pants, humming to yourself is not essential. Simply noticing your surroundings when you’re walking, focusing on your breath as it rises and falls, concentrating on every word that is being spoken to you in conversation. This deliberate act of being in the moment is a skill that allows you to snap back to the present when your mind is wandering off. I have found sit-down meditation is also amazing for quietening your mind when its whizzing and just ten minutes can completely change your day. Let me know if you want my recommendations of the best apps and I will do a whole post on it breaking them down for you!

LESS SCREENS – An obvious step, but perhaps the most effective. We have constant access to other people’s lives via technology and our brain often doesn’t get a break or a reminder that what is happening right now is what is important. Turning off notifications and putting your phone on do not disturb limits the amount of constant distractions from the now. There is definitely a time and place for our beloved phones (and Love Island) but sometimes we need a break. The goal here is to reduce the amount of time spent checking for notifications, checking out what everyone else is doing and aimlessly scrolling. I dread to think how many hours we waste doing this when we could be doing something a lot more enriching and worthwhile.

INTENTIONS – Doing things with intention. Feeling hungry? Eat. Feeling tired? Sleep. Want to talk to that person? Speak. Noticing how you feel and acting on this with intention is living in the moment. Being a slave to what you think you should be doing drags you away from the present. It’s your life and you’re the boss! Long term intentions are also a way of being in the present and keeping your life on a certain track. Setting one or two intentions at the beginning of the week, writing it somewhere visible and acting on it is a great way to improve your life.

NATURE – Cliche? Maybe. Does it work? YES! When I am feeling overwhelmed, getting out and taking deep breathes in fresh air is so healing. For me, being near water is the ultimate calming environment. I’m known in my family for being such a water baby! So, walking or running by a river is sometimes better than any therapy.

FOCUS ON YOU – Do things that make you happy and make you feel good. Read, workout, see friends, laugh a lot, have real conversations, learn something new, think, stretch, grow.


Living in the moment is definitely a process and a skill that needs to be worked on every day! But if we can master it, our lives will be incredible. What is your strategy for living in the moment?

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Leila x




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