BALANCE – What is it? Who needs it? How to get it.

To me, balance is about living in the moment and then getting lost in a book. Balance is about not beating yourself up when you have a not so healthy meal. Balance is having a killer session at the gym and then chilling out on the sofa while your body rests. Balance is working hard and reaching your personal goals then making time to be creative and do things you love. Balance is dancing all night then sleeping in or getting an early night the next night. Balance is about being around friends and loved ones and then also making time for yourself.

I hold my hands up and say that I have lost the balance countless times, especially with my diet. I have come to realize that a perfect diet 100% of the time is not maintainable (neither is an unhealthy one!). It is about relaxing the boundaries and realizing that sometimes, you deserve that cake!

So how do you find balance? I think when you lose sight of the bigger picture and find yourself obsessing over small, little things it is important to remember that life is about living for the memories and sharing them with loved ones rather than beating yourself up for whatever reason. If you make healthy choices on a daily basis, you are already doing amazing things for your body and one less than perfect meal isn’t going to mess that up.

Equally, if you need to be a bit healthier to restore balance, start small and aim for progress not perfection. Start by adding in something beneficial, like walking instead of getting the bus, having an apple for a snack rather than something sugary, it’s really is that simple to start off with!

At the end of the day, life is a balancing act. Sometimes the bigger picture gets lost and you lose the balance, but learning how to restore it is the key to a happy healthy life. I would love to know how you implement balance into your life!



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