Monthly Muses – AUGUST


What a beautiful month August has been.

I have been lucky enough to spend a portion of it by the sea, which has made it a month of reflection and ultimate zen! Being by the sea is so calming to me. I think what I love most is it has the power to make itself the object of your attention, making the world seem a lot more peaceful, whilst making your worries and anxieties less significant. It is also so inviting and my wetsuit is ready to go for after I finish writing this!

So here is a few of the things that I have been a fan of this month, I hope you enjoy!


Firstly, this quote I posted to my instagram stories recently. It got so many replies from people who agreed, which indicates the truth of it!

I think this advice is so important and so beautifully put. It is easy to rely on others for your happiness and enjoyment, whether that be friends, family or in a relationship. However, I think that for you to have the most fulfilling life you need to be happy within yourself and be happy on your own first. The art of ‘planting your own gardens’ could be interpreted as finding what makes YOU happy and making sure you do whatever it is regularly. And ‘decorating your own soul’ I interpret as having experiences on your own and exploring yourself so that you can bring your highest self to relationships, friendships and life because waiting for someone to complete you will never make you the best person you can be, only you can do that.


I’m not a regular watcher of Netflix and pretty much gave up on it after numerous times spent searching endlessly for a show rather than actually watching something! However, a bout of flu meant that I gave Netflix and chill another shot and I am so glad I did because I came across GirlBoss. The show is a hilarious and follows the life of Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal (my favourite online clothing shop ever). It is actually so inspiring and refreshing to see a female lead winning at life and creating a successful business from scratch. If there is one word to describe her, girlboss is it, she is sick and I want to be her friend. You need to watch this if you haven’t already!

3// BREAD.

When I say that I have primarily lived off bread for the month of August, I am not exaggerating nor am I regretting it. When you track down the nicest sourdough from a little organic bakery, you can’t say no and I have loved every mouthful. As my best friend said, if there’s one place you can eat loads of bread and feel good about it, its on holiday.




This month I feel like I have nailed the perfect morning routine that sets me up for the day with the best mindset and most energy. I feel that there are two things to remember when creating a morning routine. 1) No pressure. Not every day will be the same and your feelings will change day-to-day. So listen to your body and don’t be strict on routine, just go with it. 2) Everyone is different and different things will boost different people. For me, writing down whatever is on my mind in the morning really helps me start the day without overthinking and allows me to be in a present mindset. Whereas someone else might get this from meditation or reading a book. Find what makes you feel good and make time for it in the morning.

Should I do a whole post on what I do to in the morning to set me up for the day?

Let me know and also, I’d love to know what your muses of August are!




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