Monthly Muses – JUNE

What I have been loving in June.

What a funny month it has been! From graduating, to job hunting, to sunbathing – this month has felt both overwhelming and inspiring as it is the official start of a new chapter for most of us.

I thought that I would make note of random aspects of my life that I have been loving and hope you enjoy reading!


This is a book that I have been meaning to pick up for a while; and first impressions have not disappointed! I love the writing style that is derivative of Jordan’s intellectual background as a clinical psychologist. The first rule of life really resonated with me, namely the importance of body language. He talks about practical ways that you can improve your life and be the best you can be, with anecdotes from his experiences as a professor and opinions about philosophical origins of human nature.


A less intellectual guilty pleasure…yet one that you would have to be living under a rock not to enjoy! JACK AND DANNI TO WIN.


In such a pivotal month where school/uni ends and summer begins, friends are more important than ever. I feel super grateful and lucky to have a supportive circle that push each other up and cheer each other’s victories. The saying, ‘pay attention to those who don’t clap when you succeed’ is tinged with both accuracy and innaccuracy. Whilst yes these people should be highlighted as people to respectfully steered clear from…who the hell cares! Special shout out to Emma and Libby who gave me some tips when I started my website. For someone as technologically challenged as me, they were a godsend! Make sure you check out their amazing blogs¬†EmmaKateHall¬†& WhatLibbySays


I never thought that I would call myself a fan of running, yet here we are. One of my goals for this month was to run three times a week, thinking that I would be reluctantly shoving my trainers on and walking as much as poss. But I have actually found myself WANTING to run! It is a great way of clearing the mind and splitting up the day from working and relaxing. I’ve also found it super satisfying to run in such beaut weather and try to run a little bit further/faster than I did the day before.


I used to be in a phase where I thought that eating fruit was wreaking havoc on my blood sugar levels and skin. But I am happy to say I am over it and enjoying fruit in all forms, colours and deliciousness. My favourite way is to put them in my smoothie in the morning as I pair it with vegan protein to ensure it is a stable energy source.


Some miscellaneous faves that I have enjoyed this month..

Florence & the machine – Hunger & Sky Full of Song

Dealing with unwanted thoughts article by Daily Positive

What have you been loving recently?

Leila x


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