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First, an update on me; I have moved to London! I am embarking on a year of learning at UCL, studying Health Psychology MSc and I am unbelievably excited for the coming months. If you follow my social media, you will be well aware of this so skip to the good bits! But for those who don’t, go and follow my Instagram, where I fill in the gaps of my life and post regular bowls of goodness ­čśë

So onwards, to a special edition of ‘monthly muses’ which goes into a few of the highlights mostly from over the past fortnight and what advice I have for people who are living alone, whether that be in uni halls, post grad accommodation or post-uni. I hope you enjoy reading.

Independence & Making Connections

Inevitably one of the features that accompanies making the move to live alone, is a new sense of independence. You have the power to write each day how you want it to play out and this is an exciting and equally daunting responsibility. I have now been in London for a total of twelve days, enough time to adjust to single living life and enough to feel the enormity of the year ahead. So far, I wouldn’t change a single day. I have spent my time exploring (more on this later), blissfully drifting through sunny October mornings and eating a whole lot of wholefoods goodies. The key to feeling in control when you are thrust into independence in a new place is to find anchors that bring you back to yourself. I mentioned this in a recent IG post. When I say anchors, I refer to the activities, hobbies, things that make you happy and have always made you happy. The people who bring you joy, the outfits that make you feel you can boss the day. Find these things and you are likely to feel sane in whatever environment you find yourself in.

I think there is something to be said for throwing yourself into new situations with new people too.┬áMeeting new people┬ácan be an uncomfortable process, but the rewards can be priceless. Joining societies, filling spare moments talking to people, going into events with the aim of learning something about someone else. I find it so fun hearing people’s stories and maybe even finding common interests. Networking and connecting is such an essential aspect of moving to a new place and can make you feel less alone.


Speaking of anchors, routine is another of these. Routines can pretty much be carried out wherever you are. So applying certain routines to new environments can make you feel more stable in what is a novel and unusual setting. Yet, I must advise that having a relaxed approach to routines is key to optimizing their effectiveness. If you feel burnt out and exhausted, the last thing your body probably needs is an 8am wake up call just because this is a part of your usual morning routine. Shape shifting your routine daily to suit how you feel within yourself will ensure you get the most out of your morning.

Living Life Day by Day

Living life day by day, being in the moment, being mindful…whatever you want to call it, thinking about what is happening in the here and now has been revolutionary for my anxiety and mental wellbeing.┬á As I have just moved, I have found myself not really thinking about what is happening tomorrow, or even later this afternoon, just focusing on what is going on now. As London is such a sensory overload, I have noticed that my focus has been more in the present and I am hoping that this mindset is here to stay. I find that focusing on the senses, what you can see right now, tuning into what you can hear or smell, will anchor you into the now. Granted, although we can benefit from planning and anticipating future tasks and schedules, worrying about them will often do more harm than good.


Oh one of my favourite ways to pass the time. Why? You are, more than often, outside breathing in the (not so clean) London air, seeing people, places that you wouldn’t see otherwise and if you’re lucky even stumbling across some hidden gems. If you’re going to wander in London, my advice would be; make sure you are wearing trainers, make sure you have water in your bag and make sure your phone is charged. I will attach a few pictures that I took while on my rambles.

So I guess this is more of an advice post, but the things I have written about are genuinely the things I have been loving engaging with recently.

I hope that you have had a wonderful September and I hope that you have enjoyed reading this months muses.

And if you have any London recommendations, i.e. food places, drinks, bookshops, cafes, hidden gems…please do not hesitate to drop me an email or slide into my dm’s.

Leila xx


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