What is ‘health’? & a warm welcome!

Hello Hello!

Welcome to my first blog post!

When thinking about writing my first post, the thought of health journeys came to mind. We all have one; maybe you are just embarking upon yours, maybe you are well on your way or maybe you haven’t started yet (no judgement!). This website is a space for everyone and I want the conversation about health to be independent of where you are at on your health journey.

To me, ‘health’ isn’t just about ‘healthy eating’. Whilst this is a large part of what makes me feel my best, I also regard health as having a calm mind, good energy, a level of self-love for yourself, a group of friends that build and inspire you and being able to move my body on a daily basis to make me feel strong and healthy. Some days are ‘healthier’ than others, but life happens and we are all doing our best!

My instagram (originally @thehealthstudent) has been my creative outlet for some time, where I share my thoughts on food, health and wellness issues. This website will be a continuation of this and I cant wait to get started.

What to expect from leilaspencer.co.ukĀ 

Healthy Recipes –

One of the things I love about my Instagram are the recipes I post and getting feedback from people trying them out. The majority of my diet is dairy-free, gluten-free (discounting sourdough. Because sourdough.) and refined-sugar free. This way of eating has brought me the most happiness and health benefits and I am excited to share more of my recipes on my website!

Reviews –

I am super lucky to be able to try lots of different health products and brands on the market, so you can look forward to my thoughts and reviews of these! From protein powders to snack bars I’m going to share my thoughts and faves with you!

Thoughts –

Ahh thoughts. I am definitely a thinker and I can’t wait to finally have a space to splurge my thoughts (other than my 3482393 paperchase notebooks that only my eyes see!) If you are a thinker too, drop me a message about anything and we can brain storm, I love it hahaha. But seriously, I am passionate about self improvement, and discussing spirituality and how we can be our best selves, so stay tuned!

Health Tips –

Along my journey I have tried adopting healthy habits, failed, tried again, failed, changed strategies… until I have found things that work for me. Everyone is different and how one person lives may not suit another. However, I can’t wait to share some tips that I implement that may help you live your best life.

Life –

I will also be sharing aspects of my life; books I’m into, quotes I’m loving, places I’m exploring and current obsessions.

I am beyond excited (have I mentioned that I’m excited??) to launch my website and for you readers to hopefully enjoy what I am writing!

Leila xx



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