World Mental Health Day – what I do

For me, my mental health is a priority.

It hasn’t always been like this and I think sometimes it takes struggle and ‘low points’ to get back to yourself and figure out your own coping mechanisms and things that make you feel steady in our uncertain world.

One concept that is important to remember is that mental health is a fluid concept and can change from day to day, and that is okay.

Some days, you feel like you can take on the world. Other days, activities that you can usually tackle with ease can feel like a marathon.

Self-care is central to my strategy for maintaining my mental clarity so I can bring my best self to social and academic situations. In that respect, although I don’t fully agree that people can be defined as either extroverted/introverted, I definitely draw energy from solidarity and my ‘me time’.

Self-care for me can take many forms.

It can mean taking time out from social media, if it feels like it is not adding anything to my life.

It is talking to my family and friends as much as possible, both in person and over the phone (I literally call my mum every morning, hey bestie!)

It is nourishing my body with healthy, plant-based food, lots of water and daily movement. I can’t tell you what a difference this makes to my mindset. It really is evident that healthy body = healthy mind.

It is feeling organised and on top of work. Working out organization strategies is a trial and error process. For me, having a diary, multiple to-do lists and personal deadlines)

It is trying to limit critical self-talk as much as possible. I have been on such a journey with this and can happily say that I have got a lot better recently. You have to realise that being your own cheerleader is the best thing you can do for your happiness and success in every aspect of your life

It is having a relaxing morning routine that energizes me to take on the day. Find what you love doing and make more time for these things.

I would love to know what you do to manage your mental health. Everybody has a different story to tell, with different experiences and thoughts and I think that sharing these journeys is incredibly important.

Thank you for reading!

Leila xx


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